1. States

From the recording Rialto

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Originally on More To It - Released on July 14, 1992 in Dallas, TX during the first Malignus Youth tour. Youth Ink pressed 1200 discs on blue vinyl

Lyrics and Music by James Martin


It takes time to learn to fly.
We fight to feed ourselves and
Spare so little for others.
I’ve got toothpicks in my eyes,
oh the sights I’ve seen.
I’d love to close my weary eyes,
But it so dark inside.
To see or to be blind, I’m cut both ways.
My heart is in the open, nailed to a tree.
It’s dried by the wind, scorched by the heat,
drenched by the rain, bitten by the cold,
but never frozen to the core.
It is scratched at by the animals.
To open it up is to be crushed,
to close it is to be withered,
I’m ruined either way.
My mind is a flooded river,
nourished and drowned by the water.
It’s constantly battered with floating debris.
The states are in civil war.
To close it is to die, to open it is to truly fly.
Sometimes I feel like I’m going to lose my grip.
The states are in civil war.