1. Family

From the recording Rialto

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Originally on More To It - Released on July 14, 1992 in Dallas, TX during the first Malignus Youth tour. Youth Ink pressed 1200 discs on blue vinyl

Lyrics by Octavio Olaje
Music by James Martin


Family, blood or not, family, brothers and sisters.
Friends, blood or not, friends, hand to lend.
From childhood pranks to the high school whispers.
The life we led is the life we’ll defend.
I was down in the dumps. There you were.
It was sure fucked. That’s for sure.
Things you’ve done. Friend indeed.
You’ve always been there for a friend in need.
Your head stared down and off you went.
Things being said really weren’t meant.
Too much to lose, in truths we choose.
It’s time to add all to those kill times we spent.
Allies we are, in mortal war.
Tradition continues, truth we fight for.
Time lasts few, this is hardcore.
Party habits take care of the dues.
Read about each other in the police news.
Friends are the greater part of life I find.
If anything they’ll keep me from losing my mind.