From the recording Rialto

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Originally on More To It - Released on July 14, 1992 in Dallas, TX during the first Malignus Youth tour. Youth Ink pressed 1200 discs on blue vinyl

Lyrics by Octavio Olaje and James Martin
Music by James Martin


The nation that we live is the best in the world.
It’s just kind of fucked because the leadership sucks.
The idea of democracy is beautiful to me,
But greed makes it hard for them to see.
Our country is run by the wealthy and corrupt,
Instead of being whole and run by all.
We need to make a change and better do it soon.
Or else, this nation is surely doomed.
Making money’s the purpose in life.
It needs a change for this I’ll fight.
Main thing in life should be finding happiness.
If that’s the way it was then the world could rest.
Many are obsessed with money, I find.
This is wrong in my mind.
People think that money’s happiness.
These thoughts are the keys to ignorance.
The medium of exchange is so fully deranged.
What once worked well now leaves us to regret. Maybe Satan’s the one to blame.
Accept his greed, he’ll drive you insane.