From the recording Rialto

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Originally on More To It - Released on July 14, 1992 in Dallas, TX during the first Malignus Youth tour. Youth Ink pressed 1200 discs on blue vinyl

Lyrics and Music by James Martin


Born into insanity. All is crazy without choice.
All of the feelings down in me
Are crying loudly without voice.
Everything reflects on me.
I' m putting mirrors on myself.
That is why I'm insane,
Without choice like everyone else.
We are all insane and we have no choice to be.
No one is to blame but the founders of society
Who will ever know what the true life ought to be?
We are all just hopelessly insane.
What happened to morality?
Man lost it in the dawn.
What happened to mortality?
We would like to think it gone.
Everywhere we can see people falling to their knees,
bowing to the “demigods” for their wealth and luxury.
Money is in vain, but we have no choice to live.
It is so insane, but we all just have to give.
Back into the rain. This is no way to Live.
We are all just hopelessly insane.