From the recording Rialto

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Originally on The Crisis EP - released on November 1, 1991 in Sierra Vista. Youth Ink initially pressed 1000 discs (500 on red vinyl and 500 on white vinyl)

Lyrics by James Martin and Mike Armenta
Music by James Martin


Memories - we share.
Through the years - we bared,
All the good times - raced by,
All he bad times lagged on.
So concerned with years past,
A waste of time I find.
Life's too short to be wasted
Trying to relive yesterday's laughs.
See the fire dying. All the stars are falling.
All will be washed out but
Why can't hopes of yesterday
Be reborn for tomorrow?
Childhood dreams weren't long ago,
Far yet very near to us
Far as our thoughts could be from us.
Near as the stars have fallen to us.
Good times - are everyday.
They occur in many ways
Can't see them 'til tomorrow.
Then, they're just good old days.
Memories of years past.
Mysteries of those to come.
Time tells all so slowly
Wish it weren't so fucking fast.