1. Charlie

From the recording Rialto

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Originally on The Crisis EP - released on November 1, 1991 in Sierra Vista. Youth Ink initially pressed 1000 discs (500 on red vinyl and 500 on white vinyl)

Lyrics by Tom Shelden
Music by James Martin


Charlie! Who are you? Where did you arise?
Are you twisted? Oh dear Charlie what's wrong?
You're a mastermind, organized your life
You love nature and the free life. What a guy.
Dear Mr. Manson you're a hero to your kind
You really got 'em going
Dear Mr. Manson you're such a fuckin' sweety
killing those you pity
Oh dear Charlie you know the best don't you,
Fuck the rest, kill them
If this was your world who would be spared?
“Are you the devil?" they say
Your eyes could shatter a mirror
"with that swastika on your head!"
Have you ever felt the fear
"Half crazy" they say
I'd like to meet you face-to-face
"Not insane in any way"
For your opinion on the human race
They've got you locked up now
You won't quit, kill again.
Many left behind sobbing and screaming
If you thought you'd win
You were just dreaming.
Oh dear Charlie can't you see
We’re overpopulated,
Please, don't kill me.