From the recording Rialto

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Originally on The Malignus Youth EP - released on May 6, 1990 in Sierra Vista, AZ. Youth Ink issued 1000 discs (500 on clear vinyl and 500 represses on black vinyl)

Lyrics by Octavio Olaje
Music by James Martin


Sooner or later we will die.
Will I go up or fall to fry?
Where’s my soul on burial day?
Will it remain in my grave?
I question life, when did it begin?
Is life one or does it not end?
At times I see life as a test,
To determine the level
where you’ll rest.
In life anew, what is my form?
Am I a human or
a creature that’s scorned?
Will the world be of peace
Or will I return,
To a violent red storm?
So the question
of life’s destiny,
forever remains
In this song.