1. Power Trip

From the recording Rialto

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Originally on The Malignus Youth EP - released on May 6, 1990 in Sierra Vista, AZ. Youth Ink issued 1000 discs (500 on clear vinyl and 500 represses on black vinyl)

Lyrics and Music by James Martin


You can’t tell me what to do
Nothing that you say is true.
Your whole mind is in a can
Of mental cruelty an demands.
It is so hard to see why you’re such a dick to me.
Can’t you just let me live, peace is all I want to give.

Power Trip, It has grown Can’t you quit?
Just leave me alone. Ruined lives on your belt.
No disguise on how you felt. Slamming things, scarring minds. Can’t you see you’re left behind
Your sick, sick mind, Cannot find.

You are such a wise old fool
With your stupid tarnished rules.
Almost always talking shit
Such a fucking hypocrite.
You are wrong, so very wrong.
I have known it all along.
Always coming down on me,
Trying to find a masterpiece.

You’re an alcoholic. You can’t admit it.
Can’t come to terms that you’re addicted!
Taking out your pain on me and my family.
Such a blind prick who will never see.

Taught me to speak my mind. And I do every time.
Now-a-days when I do all I get is shit from you.